If you choose to wear Gel Polish and want to keep your nails healthy and strong, you must first not peel them off or remove them with pure acetone. This will weaken the natural nail.

Let a caring professional, like myself, Nails by Cheryl, remove them using a moisturizing remover with a Gentle Steam OFF technique , apply my Protein Nail Strengthener if needed and repolish a new Gel Color!
I have 100 colors to choose from.

I also have a Gel Base product I apply as a base to help this manicure last 3 weeks and also strengthen your own nails if needed.

When soaking off Gel Polish, I Never ever use pure Acetone or foil wrap in Acetone. Instead I use a Gentle Moisturizing Steamer to keep the nails strong and healthy as possible. Theres no peeling, scraping or excessive filing.