Plain Gel Manicure used with a strong base coat.

​OPI Gelcolor, Shellac, Luxio or Essie Gel Polish             $40.00

gently soaked off with a non-acetone gentle steam remover, applying a PH Balance Treatment, finishing with a Cuticle Oil Treatment and Moisturizing Hand Lotion​. 


Hard Gel Overlay                                                                $48.00

This is a specialized service, you will not find this process at your local nail salon.


Gel X Extensions                                                                              $55.00

Gel Tip Extensions to instantly lengthen your nails


​IBD, LCN or Light Elegance Hard Gel Nails W/Tips              $60.00​​​


Gel Nail Fills     2 Weeks                                                        $45.00

                          3 Weeks or longer                                          50.00

more product and time is used for a 3 week or longer fill.


Natural Manicure & Pedicure:

​Spa Manicure includes hot glove treatment, PH Balance and strengthener:


​Spa Pedicure includes Steam Towel Treatment, Calus Removal, Sea Salt Scrub, Moisturizing Lotion and Polish: